State Tax Credit Exchange

  • Turning Pig-Power
    into Big Dollars

    In North Carolina, hog waste-to-energy production is on the rise and gaining momentum. Investors are seeing this credit as a benefit not only for the environment, but for their bottom line. State Tax Credit Exchange is the only firm to receive North Carolina tax credits for renewable energy associated with hog farm waste. In fact, one of our swine projects the Storms Hog Farm anaerobic digester has received national recognition, eliminating environmental negatives and helping to strengthen the North Carolina economy. Learn more about STCE’s renewable energy tax credits.

  • Providing Tax Credit

    Understanding and navigating the legislative changes in state tax credits available to companies and individuals can be a daunting process. Each state's programs are unique, and can be hard to understand. And, it can change rapidly. The State Tax Credit Exchange team has more than 100 years of experience combined, researching the ever-changing legislative process for tax credits. We provide our clients with the most up-to-date legislative news, so they have the knowledge and confidence in their purchase decision. Click here to read the latest legislative update from STCE.

Need to Know

State Tax Credit Exchange provides federal and state tax credit solutions to individuals and companies to lower their tax liabilities. As an active acquirer and distributor of credits in a variety of industries, we deliver customized, low-risk, tax-savings solutions to our clients. Learn More >
Tax credits are sponsored by state and federal governments to stimulate specific business activities and the economy in general.